About WikiWealth

WikiWealth Capital Management (“WikiWealth“ or the “Management Company”) was born out of a need to help investors outperform the stock market using the fundamental research produced by over 3,000 analysts at WikiWealth.com. WikiWealth manages a pooled investment vehicle called the WikiWealth Long/Short Global Value Fund L.P.

WikiWealth Capital Management created WikiWealth Long/Short Global Value Fund (the “Fund”), a pooled asset investment vehicle that allows WikiWealth to manage money for a diverse group of investors using the same investing techniques. The Fund relies on a fundamental value investing approach that seeks to find undervalued companies world-wide. Quality research produced by WikiWealth.com powers the Fund to produce superior market returns. See the strategy section for more information.

WikiWealth.com was created in 2008 as an online, collaborative investment research firm that uses the fundamental value investing approach pioneered by Benjamin Graham. WikiWealth.com combines the sum of the world's analytical knowledge, thinking and skills to produce the highest quality research reports for over 6,000 stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities. WikiWealth will use that unprecedented research library to outperform the stock market for ourselves and our clients. For more information, contact us.